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Updated: May 3, 2018

Wolters Kluwer, CCH is a leading business publisher and information services provider in:

  • Tax

  • Accounting & Financial Planning

  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency

  • Corporate & Business Law

  • Environmental Law

  • Trade Practices & Consumer Law

  • Conveyancing & Property

  • Court Practice

  • HR, Employment & Safety, and more.

Wolters Kluwer, CCH understands your need for authoritative, accurate and relevant products. For over 40 years, Australia’s professionals have relied on Wolters Kluwer information to help them advise their clients, run their businesses and manage their obligations. Our customers represent the accounting and financial planning, employment and safety and legal and business communities from blue chip organisations to sole practitioners.

You can find more information and the latest news on Wolters Kluwer's website.

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